Oct 28, 2022
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8 Ways To Measure, Understand, And Grow Your Slack Community

Slack community managers use LoudNClear to understand their community, prioritize actions, and increase engagement.

Slack community managers use LoudNClear to understand their community, prioritize actions, and increase engagement. All with no code and no devs.

Your Slack community is full of valuable insights, but analyzing that data can be incredibly challenging. To start, if you’re using the free version of Slack you only have your most recent 90-days of data available to you 😬.

This is problematic to say the least. But, don’t worry … we’ve taken care of that problem for you. When you connect your Slack community to LoudNClear we’ll begin to preserve all of your data from that poInt on.

We preserve all of your Slack data, process it to make it more usable, and then provide you with the tools you need to learn from it. You’ll be able to build reports and dashboards, conduct keyword analysis, understand sentiment, trigger notifications, and a whole slew of other things.

It really is quite incredible.

Here are 8 Ways you can use LoudNClear to measure, understand, and grow your Slack community 🤩.

1. What topics are your members most interested in and/or have expertise in?

Because the best way to grow your community is to provide your members with the knowledge and expertise they’re looking for. Using the LoudNClear you can gauge the popularity of specific topics, or you can simply create a word-cloud to get a quick pulse-check on the words most used by your community members.

2. Who are your most engaged and influential community members?

Your community members are all different. Some are deeply engaged and opinionated and others are more passive. By understanding which members are conversation starters and connectors, you’ll be better equipped to action a plan to drive more community engagement.

You might be interested to understand which members are starting the most conversations. Or maybe you're more interested in which members are creating the most popular threads? Any way you slice it you’ll have the tools to explore your data and generate insights that you can then feed back into your community.

3. What is the overall sentiment of your community?

This one is simple. Do you members have positive, negative, or neutral sentiment towards your community, or a specific topic? LoudNClear automatically analyzes all of the conversations, for each member, and determines the sentiment.

From there you can take these and other learnings to approach each member with empathy and work to give them what they need.

4. How long does it take for new community members to begin to engage?

Welcoming and onboarding new members is an important first step to building an active and productive community. Using LoudNClear you can analyze the behavior of your most active members and use this data to inform an onboarding plan for all new members.

Once you have established a benchmark for how long it should take new members to begin to engage with the community, use LoudNClear to continuously improve your ability to drive members to engage, quickly.

5. How are new community members learning about your community?

You want to know how you members are hearing about your community so you can invest in the right types of programs to continue to attract and convert new members.

Start by triggering an open ended question to new member:
How did you head about our Community?

Use LoudNClear to analyze these results at scale and use this information to prioritize investments in the programs that produce the highest quality members.

6. What are the demographics of your community?

Well, the better you understand your members and the overall makeup of your community, the better you and your team can serve them. First determine which information is most important to you, and then develop a series of triggered slack messages to learn about your community members.

Use LoudNClear to analyze the results.

7. Which community members are experts in which topics?

If you know which community members are experts in certain topics, then you can build triggers to notify them when new threads are stated in their area of expertise.

To do this you’ll want to first, Identify your most active members, then analyze each super members’ activity to determine which topics they’re most interested and active in.

Once you have this you can setup a trigger to notify specific members when specific treads are started they are relative to their area of expertise.

8. How quickly is your community growing?

We’ll end with an easy one - simply trend new member growth to understand how quickly your community is growing. Are there certain times of year when membership increases or decreases? Is this correlated with a specific event or campaign?

Once you start trending this data you’ll begin to see patterns that you can explore further to develop and action.


As you can see your Slack community is full of data and insights waiting to be uncovered. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you better understand, measure, and grow your slack community please visit: and request more information.

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