Feb 15, 2024
Customer Success
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Gotta Do More with Less? There’s a Secret Weapon for Hitting KPIs in 2024

One month into 2024, companies face the same challenges: no budget boosts or extra staff, just higher expectations and ongoing resource scarcity.

We’re one month into 2024 and many companies are coming to the disheartening conclusion that Santa just didn’t deliver. No fluffy budget, no new staff members. Face it: 2024 is looking much like last year, just with higher expectations from funders and C-suites. Our optimism was noble, if not based on any numbers, but the flip of a page on our calendar or digit on our desktop didn’t provide magic solutions. Just as in 2023, resources are scarce, budgets are tight and demands are high. 

For customer facing companies, and particularly for CX teams, we have clear KPIs to reach. Each quarter, we’re asked to show growth, retention and general customer satisfaction. But how can we continue to both expand and keep existing customers happy, when we have no budget to grow teams and when, in many cases, companies are having to cut the number of CS managers without lowering targets?

In other words - how can we do MORE with LESS in 2024?

The answer comes in efficiency. And the keys to increasing efficiency in 2024 are through precision and automation. This is where AI becomes a secret weapon. 

Act with percision


Precision in CX means that employees know exactly how to spend their time to maximize results. It means reaching out to customers at just the right moment with the offer they can’t - or won’t - turn down. It means knowing how to categorize customers based on who's happy, who's shifty and who has one foot out the door. And then, within each of these categories, precision means knowing who you must keep, who you want to keep, and who just isn’t worth the fight. 

AI tools like LoudNClear make this level of precision ridiculously easy. They monitor customer interactions, track customer satisfaction levels and then autolabel each of your customers. The company can control these labels based on your own priorities, tailored to your company’s needs and KPIs. 

To further ensure precision, our AI tools take this autolabeling to the next level; they automatically relay important information and notifications to the relevant stakeholders, in real time. Often it’s CS staff that receive the notifications, but information can be sent to developers, product, marketing, management, and any other teams that you predetermine. In other words, just the right people will know exactly what they need to know (not more, not less) so nothing falls through the cracks or gets overlooked. This is precision in action. And it saves enormous amounts of time. 

Automate your work


Your second AI-powered weapon in 2024 is automation. What can AI do for you? What work flows can be automated? What customer questions can be reviewed, triaged and responded to without a CS rep needing to reply manually? 

A good AI tool automates workflows and auto-escalates high-priority tasks. Automation means that many time consuming, repetitive tasks are taken care of by AI so that each one of your employees has more time to dedicate their workday to what they do best - cerebral tasks that use their strengths and require their very human skills. 

As an example, a typical CS employee can spend their time speaking directly to high-value clients who they know are ripe for an upsell. Meanwhile, as they work, LoudNClear is busy scanning thousands of chats and messages from customers to look for messages that matter. Without AI, that same CS rep would have spent much of their own time reviewing messages, with little time left to actually connect with other people. Depending on the size of your company and how many CS managers you employ, the impact of implementing AI grows exponentially. 

The bar is high and it can feel daunting, but doing more with less is not impossible, with the right tools. Increased efficiency, through precision and automation, can supercharge your teams and lead to a larger, more profitable and happier clientbase. 

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