Slack + LoudNClear =🤩

Slack Community Intelligence

Slack community managers use LoudNClear to understand their community, prioritize actions, and increase engagement.

All with no code and no devs.
Trusted by leading global brands
Trusted by leading global brands

Your Slack Community Is Full Of Valuable Insights

What topics are your members most interested in? Who are your most engaged and influential members? What is the overall sentiment of your community? Are your members happy? What drives growth?
Get to know your most active members.

Monitor trending topics, gather market intelligence, identify opportunities.

Understand sentiment for every member.
Take Action
Automatically prompt influencers of trending topics.

Route conversations to the right person.

Start new threads and prompt engagement automatically.
Extract Insights
Who are your most active and influential members?

Which topics do people care about most?

What are people interested in learning?
Save All Data
Free Slack limits you to 90-days of data.

We preserve ALL of your data and make it available for you to analyze and learn from.