No Code. Just Insights. 🧘🏻

Advanced insights,
No technical skills required.

Equip every member of your team with the insights they need to understand who your customers are and how they can best serve them.

No code. No devs. No data analysts.

Automatically gain visibility to important business metrics

  • Access pre-built reports and dashboards designed to help you land and expand with precision
  • Automatically identify at risk accounts, upgrade opportunities, advocates, friction, and more.
  • Easily share reports and dashboards with your team to create alignment and focus.

A single view of the customer,
you can actually use.

  • Access a detailed timeline of each customer interaction; chronological and spanning all connected tools.
  • Measure sentiment for each individual and roll it up to understand the account as a whole.
  • Analyze conversations for common phrases, interesting keywords, intent signals, expansion triggers, and churn signals.

Analyze unstructured text data for contextual value and insights

  • Search notes properties, call transcripts, emails, chat conversations, and more for opportunities to understand and deliver value.
  • Join product usage data with customer sentiment to deliver timely and relevant experiences.
  • Monitor your CRM, email, chat, and call logs for opportunities to learn from ongoing conversations.
Love the vision and experience! As a growth leader, controlling the data  
my users are generating is a key success factor.
LoudNClear enables me to explore different user's segments and
create relevant workflows all by myself. It is great!
Emily Lonetto
Head of Growth @ Voiceflow
Analysis. Not Paralysis. 🤸🏽

Focus on what matters.
Eliminate the noise.

Give your team exactly what they need to understand, prioritize, and WIN retention and expansion opportunities.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Build advanced segments across ALL connected customer data sources

  • Access data from every customer experience and build incredibly precise segments.
  • Include things your customers say and do in social media, communities, forums, and review sites.
  • Include insights from unstructured conversational data, and sentiment.

Conduct analysis down to the finest detail, without bugging
your eng team

  • Connect your data using LoudNClear’s proprietary algorithm and get instant insights - we’ve got you covered.
  • Freely explore your data to learn, understand, and continuously improve your customer intelligence.
  • Trigger slack notifications, CRM updates, lead assignments, scoring updates, and so much more.

Learn more about your customers than you ever dreamed possible

  • Explore a rich ocean of both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Combine product usage data with sentiment data to truly understand your customers.
  • Analyse open text fields, call transcripts, social posts, chat conversations, and more for contextual insights.
LoudNClear is AWESOME! I am using LoudNClear to find my advocates  
and referrals as part of my growth strategy. I connected my different social media account, community, and CRM  with no IT efforts.
Florence Broder
Business Operation @ Atera
Engage With Precision🎯

Understand Your
Engage with Precision.

Deliver relevant and timely experiences to the most precise customer segments to grow your business.
Improve retention and expansion.

Surprise and delight your
customers with highly relevant

  • Respond to customer conversations in real-time, no matter where they occur.
  • Engage with communities, in-app chat, and support inquiries for customer engagement opportunities.
  • Listen more

React to insights in real-time
using workflows and

  • Action data as you come to conclusions through our powerful, built-in automation engine.
  • Inform your team with notifications, emails, CRM updates, task creation, scoring model updates and anything else you can think of.
  • React to market trends, roadmap opportunities, messaging hooks, and so much more.

Enable your team to listen and participate in online conversations

  • Notify team members when their customers or target accounts mention relevant keywords online.
  • Take action on expansion opportunities, at-risk accounts, and everything in between.
  • Listen for market trends, roadmap opportunities, messaging hooks, and so much more.
The volume of customers and the number of communication channels grow every month. It is challenging to gain real-time visibility over urgent matters like customers at risk and conversion opportunities. LoudNClear is a great tool to help end- users easily get real-time visibility and act on time
Gil Dudkiewicz